Sunday, December 25, 2011

20 SEO Terms You Should Know

If you have a website or blog, or if you work with anything related to the Internet, you’ll certainly need to know a bit about search engine optimization (SEO). A good way to get started is to familiarize yourself with the most common terms of the trade,

Web Design Tutorials

Are you trying to design a sleek logo for your website? Maybe you want to apply some visual effects to your background image? If so you should check this extensive list of online tutorials.

Design a Great WordPress Theme

After a couple weeks of reviewing WordPress themes (and countless weeks prior judging designs in general) I have established the following guidelines for creating an awesome WordPress theme.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Latest Jquery Sliders free

Sliders are the new way of displaying your featured posts, products and galleries etc. These sliders are commonly used in modern day web design. It gives a very professional look and feel to the site and it attracts the visitors to the featured products or news.

How To Add Google + Page Badge To Your Blog

Now that you’ve created a
 Google + page for your blog,
 grow your audience by adding
a badge onto the blog. The badge
lets users add your Google+ page to
 their circles without leaving your blog,

Monday, December 5, 2011

CSS Horizontal Menu

Here I listed below some of best CSS horizontal menu collection with full configuration tutorials for your easy use.You can choose any menu from the list given below and go directly to the article links for the setup instructions.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools by search engines
Your list of free SEO tools can start with the following free services provided by search engines themselves. (We will be creating separate pages for each tool.)

Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks

Tip 1 of my Top 10 Tips and Tricks for building a search engine optimized 
(SEO) website from the ground up is thorough Keyword Research.Keyword Research is the process of using keyword research tools to determine the value of a particular keyword or keyword phrase.

SEO, Yahoo!, and Social Networks

SEO Track – SEO Ranking Factors 

smx advanced SEO, Yahoo!, and Social NetworksPost from Search Engine Optimizician.On and off-the-page factors that influence web search, what remains useful and what new signals are growing in importance. [Part 2 of 3]

A Double Shot of Google Caffeine for SEO

A Double Shot of Espresso – Using Google Caffeine for SEO

 Since my Last post on Google Caffeine “Google Caffeine – The SEO Experts Speak” took some pressing (french of course) for not being up to date.

Search Engines and Fraud

Conduit Hijacks Firefox on a Windows Computer and Convinces User it is Google

 I recently had a client ask me a question about some Google results I couldn’t answer. When I finally figured out the answer it was a case of Conduit taking control of the computers Firefox settings.

Google New Search Panda Update

How Does the Google Panda Algorithm Update Effect SEO?

 Just one day after Cinco de Mayo Google released a blog post “More guidance on building high-quality sites”. With this post Google has dealt with a number of questions that they have been trying to resolve with their algorithm update.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How we Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Yahoo And Bing

Hi Friends,i hope you all will be fine.As since it has been really a long time for me to have any useful post for you.As before i was busy in exams

Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Things You Know about jQuery

This article is mostly aimed at people who are just starting to learn jQuery. I assume you know the following:

  • Base knowledge of JavaScript
  • What jQuery is
  • How to include jQuery in a web page

How to Use Google Font with Blogger Post

Added the following line to your template? If you haven't, Go to Design Tab of you Blog interface and then click the template HTML and Add the following line directly below <head>

Change my Page-title from h3 to h1 and my Blog-title to h1

My Blog-title is allways H1, even in inner pages (e.g. not the blog homepage). that is bad for SEO.
Now am going to change our blog post title H1 in the  in the inner pages and H2 in the homepage...
Go to Design Tab of you Blog interface and then click the template HTML

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How we change the font style of my blog description

Change the font style of the main text on my page.I tried adding something in html and You can change the description font style by editing the css, which is located in the template HTML
Go to Design Tab of you Blog interface and then click the template HTML and click on "Expand Widget Templates." Search for the code that says.

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