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WordPress Plugins Data Feed Files or Data Feeds

WordPress Plugins that Can Help you with Data Feed Files or Data Feeds
Essentially the Data Feed File can contain information that can be used to populate content on a website. It typically in either csv or xml formats.
If this affiliate data feed file is formatted correctly and if the correct tools are used, this data can be imported in to a WordPress website to either populate brand new pages or posts or even a new content type.

ShopperPress – Really a Shopping Cart Theme, not a plugin, but ShopperPress has lots of plugins including the tools to manage data feeds built in!
  1. WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin
  2. Software Shop
  3. WordPress Easy CSV Importer- Use any csv file to make 500 or 1 million posts or pages.
    • Supports use with ShopperPress or ClassiPress,
    • automated updating or manual,
    • import all at once or spread it out over days or weeks,
    • import to the blog your logged into or use the blog your on to put the data into a totally different blog (Blog 2 Blog),
    • use custom permalinks or the default,
    • use the default post data or
    • Apply your own from data or
    • Increment random dates between a date range you establish
    • Schedule future posts or publish everything straight away
  4. Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer – “This plugin not only automatically changes any Amazon link on your site to use your affiliate ID, but it also changes the link to point to the user’s local Amazon store. So if your visitor is visiting from the UK they’ll get a link to, if they’re visiting from the US they’ll get a link to the same product on”
  5. AppStore Links – “Updates all Data directly from the Apple AppStore Server. Setup caching-times for images and content. Use TradeDoubler-ID and plugin automatically creates Affiliate Links to the AppStore. You can easily add Links to the Apple AppStore with using [app ##idnumber##] in your posts, pages or comments. The ID number is the number from the official AppStore URL.”
  6. CSVPiG – CSV Datafeed Import Plugin CSV Data feed Import Plugin (Free and Pro version available) – “a datafeed import pluginfor WordPress. It transforms affiliate data feeds into professional WordPress blogs with thousands of content rich self-publishing posts.”
    • Your CSV can include:
      • Descriptions,
      • Affiliate links,
      • Pproduct images,
      • Bullet lists or
      • Anything you want.
    • CSVPiG easily deals with anything via its Post Template engine or design multiple post templates and have CSVPiG rotate through them as it publishes so each of your posts will look unique.
  7. (DFF) Featured Product Plugin – “…select a product, compare prices from different merchants, place it in the middle of your blog, and earn commission on sales.” To be used with the service 100% free
  8. DataFeedFile Product Show Case Plugin – “Price comparison shopping in your blog! With DataFeedFile’s Product Showcase plugin, you can create an entire showcase of several products for price comparison, place it in the middle of your blog, and earn commission on sales”
  9. Wp E-junkie Shopping Cart
  10. Shopp Improved
  11. Affiliate DataFeed File -Price Comparison Shopping Script Integration Tool CPA CPC Linkshare Commission Junction ShareASale Data Feed File
  12. eShop
  13. WFReview – One of the nicest data importers for WordPress I’ve seen. The Auto review functionality is dark gray to black hat imho, but love the import tool. Would like to see these tools split into 2 different plugins maybe.
  14. ComparePress – “Use ComparePress to quickly add and manage a full SEO price comparison system on your existing blog or web site.” Check out for the full overview
  15.’s massive datafeed loader for ShareASale - “This very powerful plugin from loads any ShareaSale affiliate data feed into your WordPress automatically and adds categories accordingly…”

Videos and Tutorials: How to set up Affiliate Data Feed Files in WordPress


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Data feed files are used to populate content on website. These all listed plugin are very popular and beneficial for wordpress website.
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